Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The most accurate way to illustrate the size of Rainbow Bridge, is saying that it is higher than the capitol and longer than a football field. It is famous for being the biggest natural bridge on earth at a staggering 290 feet/88 meters height and 270 feet/83 meters width. This tremendous bridge is sacred for the Navajo culture, considered as an indication of the divine forces that control clouds, rain and rainbows.

Rainbow Bridge

1. The most amazing thing about Rainbow Bridge is that it is not manmade. This natural beauty was created due to erosion of the sandstone, further caused by water coming from the Navajo Mountains, to the Colorado River. The Douglas Cummings surveyor group discovered this bridge in 1909. The bridge used to extend up to a few miles into Bridge canyon from the Colorado River’s shores, before Lake Powell came into the picture. This older part of the Bridge was one of the most secluded and unreachable places in USA.

2. The most preferred means of reaching the bridge are either by foot, boat or even by horseback. It is positioned 50 boat miles towards the northeastern direction of Wahweap Marina. There are many boat cruises from Bullfrog marinas and Wahweap. But there aren’t any services available other than that of a courtesy boat dock.

3. Other popular locations lead back to the Rainbow Bridge and can be reached through unpaved roads, present on the Navajo Indian reservation located at the south of Lake Powell. If you’re interested in going hiking, you’ll need a charter from Navajo nation. The most popular trails are the 14 and 13 mile trails from the Navajo Mountain trading Post and Rainbow Lodge respectively. October, September, early June, May and April are most favorable for hiking.

4. The average recorded temperature in summer is 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Average temperatures during spring and fall are 75 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite mild.

5. You’ll be glad to know that there is no entrance fee for this beautiful bridge, and it is also open throughout the year. Although there is no visitor center presently, there are accommodations available at Wahweap, Bullfrog and Hall’s crossing. There aren’t any picnic grounds available inside the monumental area unfortunately. The marina in its vicinity is the Dangling Rope, located at 10 miles/16 kilometers towards northwest. It provides supplies, gas, and emergency services as well. A courtesy dock is available at the Bridge, with maximum time 1 hour.

The most celebrated, exquisite, and awe striking natural location which ensures a great trip and happy times is the Rainbow Bridge. With various activates, wonderful services, you are sure to have the time of your life.
Feel the true beauty of Mother Nature at the Rainbow Bridge with your entire family.

Photo Credit: Al King