Antelope Canyon Hiking- Experience the Breathtaking Scenic Views

Navajo nation is filled with enchanting places meant to take your breath away, but the most enthralling location is definitely the upper and lower Antelope canyon, located at the outskirts of Page, Arizona. These beautiful canyons owe their beauty to the effect of water over a long period of time, flash flooding has made these incredible slot canyons.

Read on to find out more about Antelope canyon:

1. Antelope Canyon got its name from the time when antelopes used to run wild through canyons, but unfortunately you can only see humans now. The Corkscrew, which is upper Antelope canyon, stretches up to 600 feet and is more favored than the lower.

Scene from a journey through Lower Antelope Canyon

The walls extend up to 120 feet, it is easy to approach as you need to climb a metal staircases in order to wander through the Lower antelope. You will also see beams and rays of sunlight if you choose to visit the Upper Antelope, which is why it’s such a popular spot for photographers.

2. Antelope canyon has a length of 2-5 miles and is only moderately difficult to climb, and is one of the most celebrated canyons in the world. You could probably recognize this canyon from various magazines, books and posters. It is without a doubt incredibly beautiful, and a visit to this canyon is worth it.

3. This Canyon is generally preferred for photography and isn’t the best for hiking. Since it is located on the Navajo nation, you are required to get a Navajo licensed guide to show you around

4. The canyon stretches to the north along highway 98, leading into Lake Powell. The Corkscrew is located to the south of the highway and Lower antelope to the north.

5. A seemingly wide spread sheet of canyon is in between the two sections. Each section should be hiked separately and not at once.

Corkscrew: It’s probably wise to make a reservation as early as possible, given the popularity of the canyon. Proceed towards the east direction for about 3 miles from Page and go on a dirt road for 2 miles to reach the canyon

Lower Antelope canyon: The canyon starts just to the north of highway 98. It is properly established there, and you enter through ladders which are attached to the wall of the canyon. You’ll also exit the canyon by this means.

Antelope Canyon from Lake Powell: The water at the bottom of the canyon is from the Lake Powell. You can even go boating to access a small area of the canyon, and hike right above the water, although the full canyon isn’t accessible from here.

Conclusion: Antelope canyon is ideal for a memorable trip. Its jaw-dropping scenes of sunlight dancing on the canyons walls, and the canyons wide beautiful stretches, is not to miss and can only be fully experienced when visited. It ensures amazing photographs and a trip which will remind you of nature’s beauty anytime.

Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek