Lake Powell –Must Visit Region of Natural Recreation

One of the most spectacular locations for house boating anywhere is Lake Powell. The lake is located in the Glen canyon National Recreation area. The lake, apart from being a boggling 186 miles long, has exceptional sandy beaches, red rock scenery and cool refreshing waters. Skiing, boating, fishing, and kayaking are activities which are exemplary in this Lake. Lake Powell has shoreline whose length, is shockingly greater than that of the entire western coast of continental America. It ensures adventure for the whole family.

The most sought on sports for visitors at the lake are wakeboarding and skiing. The massive reservoir is the reason why the lake is always among the best places for water sports.

Lake Powell

How To Experience Lake Powell

There’s an option between hauling your own boat, and renting a boat at the lake. You need not worry if you choose the latter option as at the major marines, every piece of equipment you need is readily available. For houseboating, you can either bring or rent a ski boat, and even use it to explore the lake.

You can ski in most of the lake, but it is not permitted in the areas where water must behave at tranquil speeds. This means you can’t ski around marinas, floating restrooms or docks.

You may find that the area over the old riverbed is a little choppy; this area is called the main channel. The main channel further divides into a chain of side canyons and wide bays. The water in the main channel is choppy due to boat traffic.

Many of these wide bays are great for skiing and other water sports. And some others are known for having the best sandy beaches.

Some of them are:

  • Halls Creek Bay
  • Padre Bay
  • Warm Creek Bay
  • Rock Creek Bay

Side canyons are well known for being ideal for skiing, as they ensure some protection against the wind. What could be more thrilling than skiing at full speed right through a twirling side canyon? But as fun as they are, they are just as dangerous. Be careful, as side canyons have the possibility of becoming narrow as you go. Many people have also faced the difficulty of trying to go over sunken unseen obstacles in the canyons and bays. Boaters have the responsibility of avoiding obstacles by themselves.

Early morning, the waters are glassy and it is exceptional for skiing. But during the noon hours, the wind often makes the water choppy.

The perfect time for water sports at Lake Powell is from April to October. The lake doesn’t freeze so you can play water sports throughout the year.

There are rules which need to follow:

  1. A minimum of 3 people are required for skiing. The driver, skier and observer respectively. A bright orange flag must always be kept when a person is in water. It is better to stay out of the water after dark.
  2. Kids under the age of 12 are required to wear Personal Floatation Devices when they are on boats. Also any person skiing or wave running should wear a life jacket.
  3. It is an illegal practice to cliff jump or dive here.
  4. There are no lifeguards at Lake Powell. It is recommended to swim with a friend or partner as you are doing so at your own risk. Kite Tubing is also not permitted here.

Lake Powell is indeed one of the most magnificent lakes in the world, ensuring an experience of a lifetime. Other than filling your trip with fun and adventure, it offers spectacular, jaw dropping views which make a mark in your memory forever.

Lake Powell is great for skiing, great for water boarding, great for vacation and great for the family. When one lake offers so much, it’s really hard to deny. Go to Lake Powell for one vacation, and return with a thousand unforgettable memories.

Photo Credit: magicnature