Raft the Colorado River with Breathtaking Beauty

If you’re looking forward to experiencing the most thrilling white water rafting, then you only have one choice, rafting the Colorado River. There’s a reason why this river has the prestigious title of being the most celebrated river in Utah. The breathtaking beauty of the red rock canyons and the extravagant whitewaters are only a few of the examples of the adventure the Colorado River Rafting could take you on. The river consists of four primary rafting sections, white water that is. Each of this section is different and is convenient for the reasonable skill level and age.

Colorado River Smooth Water Rafting

The sections are:

  1. West water canyon
  2. Cataract canyon
  3. Fisher towers
  4. The Grand Canyon

More about the Colorado River

• The headwaters of the river are in the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado. The river flows from these mountains right through The Grand Canyon, and further into Arizona.

• The river has its distributions through Utah, starting at the Westwater canyon, to the Green River above the Cataract canyon, and further through the Canyonlands Nation. The stream from here merges into Lake Powell and then flows through the Grand Canyon.

• White water rafting is probably the best experience when done in this river. Skull is from Westwater canyon. And if you just want a short rafting then we recommend Sock it to me Rapids and Funnel falls. The adventurers looking for rapids should visit Satan’s gut, Hell to pay and Little Niagara.

• The river also offers a spectacular feast for the eye. There are many natural hidden pools, Indian ruins, rock formations and waterfalls which will truly leave you awestruck.

• The durations for rafting trips here is anything from a one day trip to a week. Many thrill levels are also available to choose from, based on whether you’re visiting your family or with your friends. The professional guides of Utah are sure to make sure you feel right at home in the sleeping quarters. The food is exceptional and will enhance the excitement of your trip even more.

The Grand Canyon

1. The Grand Canyon contains above 150 rapids, inclusive of class IV and class V, accompanied with the exquisite beauty of the Canyon.

1. The Canyon extends to about 280 miles originating at Lees Ferry and ending at Lake Mead.

2. Commercial guides propose many trips which cover the whole canyon or certain sections only, based on your wish. The duration ranges from 3 to 4 days, to up to 17 days.

3. The river divides Grand Canyon into two sections, the upper and lowers namely, and both offer equal amounts of beautiful scenery and amazing rapids.

4. The Upper section starts at Lees Ferry and ends at Phantom Reach, about 87 miles that is. It has 19 main rapids, which takes 3 to 6 days for floating. The beautiful aqua of Little Colorado, which is one of the major tributaries, is a popular stop for rafters. The upper Grand Canyon even contains Native Indian American ruins and panoramic side canyons.

The Colorado River is an exquisite experience which is not to be missed. Enjoyed by people of all ages. Don’t miss out on this amazing trip full of adventure, and visit as soon as possible.

Photo Credit: Island Amiga – Sally Auman